Our value realization activities involve data analytic services, economic modeling activities, market access services and publication services. Our team has significant expertise in these areas and has worked effectively with our clients to generate robust, high quality products.  The following are our value realization activities:

  1. Uncovering Value: Strategic Insight and Value Drivers:
    1. Competitive Analysis & Market Intelligence Services
    2. Value Assessment Planning
    3. Early Product Development Strategic Planning & Analytics
    4. Comparative Effectiveness Analytics
  2. Generating Value: Evidence Generation
    1. Data Analytics
      1. Retrospective Database Analyses
      2. Prospective Observational Studies
      3. Literature Based Assessments
      4. Phenotyping & ‘Big Data’ Analytics
    2. Patient Reported Outcomes Design & Analytics
    3. Disease/Economic Modeling Services
    4. Market Research Services
    5. Life Cycle Management
    6. Market Access Analytics & Consultancy
  1. Communicating Value
    1. Publications Services
    2. Global Value Dossiers Development
    3. Health Technology Assessments Analytics & Reporting
    4. Value Toolkits and Value decks Development
    5. Educational Outreach: Symposia, Workshops and Training Services